Clothing alterations as a new career

  • Do you like to sew?
  • Like to run your own business?
  • Looking for a change of career?
  • Want to return to work after bringing up children?

As an Alterations Specialist, you can start a whole new career without the need or expense of going to a fashion college, enrolling in expensive in-person training courses, or even leaving your current job.

The skills of altering and custom-fitting readymade clothing are very much in demand by employers across the fashion and retail sectors, including:

  • Clothing stores offing in-store alterations
  • Tailor shops
  • Dry cleaning services
  • Bridal shops
  • Formal wear hire shops
  • Wedding dress alterations & Prom dresses fitting
  • Men’s wear stores
  • Film and theatre costumiers
  • Clothing manufacturers and designers

And many more.

Or, use your skills to start your own repairs and alterations business from your home sewing room, workshop, or even your kitchen table.

Why learn with JSA

Whether you are looking for a new career path or just to upgrade your skills, the Jackson Sewing Academy online courses will teach you everything you need to know to make a living as an Alterations Specialist (and a good living too!).

All Jackson Sewing Academy courses are aimed at those who wish to learn alterations as a trade, not a hobby. We concentrate on the core skills that employers desperately need. Each course also teaches the skills required using professional sewing equipment such as industrial sewing machines. If you go to work in a professional environment, you’ll know and recognize the equipment from day 1!

Why employers need you

Our tutor April Jackson has over 30 years of professional experience in alterations and repairs, starting as a tailor’s apprentice and then working in clothing and bridal shops, alterations businesses, and running her own business.

One question she has always been asked is: where can I find more people with your skills? Employers are actively looking for people with alterations and repairs skill sets to fill jobs and satisfy a growing number of customers looking for custom fitting of readymade clothing.

  • And here are the current list of sewing, alterations and tailoring jobs on Indeed.

As you can see, demand definitely outstrips supply!

Start your new career today with Jackson Sewing Academy

Our professional-level courses are open to all. You can start learning today in three easy steps:

  • Choose the course that suits your interests or needs from our selection of online tailoring and alterations courses
  • Enroll – it’s quick and easy
  • Once your payment is made, we’ll send you your introductory email giving you access to the course videos and learning materials.

All our paid-for courses include a special bonus gift to help you on your way to your new career!

Learn at your own pace

Some online sewing subscription courses limit your learning timeframe to just a few weeks. They also ‘drip feed’ you the information, so you can only learn so much per week.

With Jackson Sewing Academy, you have unlimited access to ALL the videos, ALL the printable training materials, and ALL bonus materials for your course with no expiry!

Yes, no limits to your access. You can learn the skills, practice them, and go back and review videos when you need to remind yourself, even when you’ve completed the course, and are busy working in the industry.

Cost-effective, flexible, and available

All this is available for each paid-for Jackson Sewing Academy course, for a single, one-off fee. No monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription fees that increase year on year, no hidden costs, no obligation to enroll on another course (although many do!).

Just professional training when you want, where you want, on any home PC or mobile device, anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Want to get started?

Enroll now and kickstart your new career today!

Still not sure?

Try our $14 for 14-Day Trial Alterations Sample Course – there’s no cost, no credit card details required, and no obligation to sign up for any other courses.