Alterations as a small business with Jackson Sewing Academy

  • Looking to start a new small business?
  • Need flexibility to look after children or loved ones at home?
  • Want to change career whilst still working?

As an Alterations Specialist, you can start your own new small business with great growth potential, a ready supply of local customers, and the flexibility to work as much as you want, when you want.

Why choose alterations and repairs as a home business

There are many reasons why alterations make an ideal home-based business. Here are just a few:

  • No workshop space required

You can set up your alterations business in a spare room, basement or even on your living room table if you wish. You won’t need an expensive office, a shop space or commercial workspace when you first start out, just room to work and space to store customers’ garments and your sewing supplies.

  • Low initial investment

The minimum requirement will be a good quality sewing machine, a good pair of professional scissors, needles, threads and assorted haberdashery such as buttons, etc. Most of these sewing supplies can be bought in local shops or online as required. Once you get established, you’ll probably want to invest in an industrial sewing machine, to expand the range of jobs you can take on. As your alterations small business expands, you might also like to take on larger premises.

  • Professional learning online

So long as you have access to the internet, you can learn all you need to know to become a successful alterations specialist with Jackson Sewing Academy. You don’t need to go to college, get a diploma, or even take any tests or exams. Our unique transparent pricing gives you 24/7 access to our step-by-step videos and printable manuals for three years. So, you can continue to learn as you start to earn!

  • A readymade market

There is great demand for alteration services from people who lack the skills, time, or inclination to alter or repair their own clothes. (See “Who will my customers be?” section below).

  • Flexible working

As an alterations specialist based at home, you can set your own working hours, and how many hours you want to work too, with no commuting costs either. You can do alterations anytime you wish, leaving you free to take kids to school, walk the dog in daylight, and take vacations whenever you like.

  • Straightforward marketing and advertising

As a home-based or small business, you can advertise locally with business cards, on noticeboards, distributing flyers, and best of all “word of mouth”. Once word gets around that you are sewing, your business will increase. You can create a website or just a Facebook page, and promote that from your mobile phone in between doing zippers and hems.

Who will my customers be?

Most clothing bought in Canada are readymade garments, available in standard sizes. So, for most people, they might fit, but not fit well.

As an alterations specialist, you’ll be able to alter, tailor and adjust to ensure a custom fit that’s more flattering to the wearer, for considerably less than the cost of bespoke, handmade clothing. That means that anyone who buys clothes is potentially a customer for your alterations and repairs business!

Then add in:

  • Cost-conscious people who want to extend the life of favorite garments by having them repaired, from a replacement zipper to new linings.
  • Folks who have changed in shape since buying their clothes and need then taken in (or let out).
  • Fashionistas who love clothes but don’t like to sew, not even to hem their designer jeans
  • The busy mom whose kids are hard on their clothing and who hasn’t time to sew on name tags, patch knees, or unstick zippers.
  • The senior who needs to replace smaller buttons with larger ones that are easier to undo on a favorite coat or jacket.
  • The bride or would-be prom queen whose internet-bought dress doesn’t fit, anywhere, and it’s two weeks until the Big Day…

The list is endless.

Business customers

You can also approach local alteration businesses and offer your services as a freelancer for busy times. You can also approach:

  • any companies creating a sewn product
  • upholsterers, curtain makers, etc
  • marketing companies that need badges sewn on
  • public services that need sewn badges, such as police, fire, etc

In addition, clothing stores that do not offer sewing services may hand out your cards to customers, just for the asking.


Start your small business with expert training from Jackson Sewing Academy’s Alterations Small Business Starter Course.