Jackson Sewing Academy FAQs

Got a question about our online sewing courses or JSA? Check our extensive list of FAQs here!

What is the Jackson Sewing Academy?2019-04-21T20:01:20+00:00

The Jackson Sewing Academy offer professional training courses in alteration and repairs for readymade garments, that you can take online. We have created a series of professional videos and course materials to help you become an alteration specialist. The Jackson Sewing Academy only exists online.

Who are your tutors?2019-04-22T17:58:08+00:00

All our courses are presented by April Jackson, a professional master alteration specialist. April has over 30 years’ experience in the alterations to repair trade, and shares with her students the many skills, techniques, tips, and tricks that she has learnt. To see April in action, click here for an example video.

What courses do you offer?2019-05-14T15:24:48+00:00

At Jackson Sewing Academy, we offer a range of courses so you can choose that particular specialization for yourself. We offer a Master Alterations Specialist course which covers all our videos, or you can study for specializations in Women’s Wear Alterations Specialist and Men’s Wear Alterations. April Jackson has also devised our exclusive Alterations Small Business Starter Course especially for those who wish to work from home, and start their own business. For more details, see our online courses overview page.

Do you teach tailoring?2019-04-21T20:03:50+00:00

Alterations is the art of making closing fit. Our courses are designed to help custom fit ready-made garments, for a ‘tailored’ fit. Most clothes bought off-the-rack are available in a variety of sizes, which are designed to fit as many people as possible. So, we teach tailoring skills required to custom fit ready-made clothing, rather than making from scratch. If you wish to take a master tailoring/suit making course, you’ll need to study at college or take an apprenticeship that’s not what we offer.

What’s the difference between an alterations course and a sewing course?2019-04-21T20:04:13+00:00

Not a lot! At Jackson Sewing Academy, our courses assume that you have a little knowledge of sewing in advance. This doesn’t have to be much more than knowing one end of the needle from another and sewing in a straight line! Since you view all videos online, you can take learning at your own pace. So, if you need to spend longer in the basic skills section you can. Equally, if you’re already an accomplished home sewer, you can view these to pick up the many hints and tips a process along the way, and then move more rapidly into the advance sections.

Do I get a qualification certificate at the end of the course?2019-04-21T20:04:37+00:00

No, we do not offer any certificates or college credits. Certification is not required to work in this trade. Our course is a highly practical one and is designed to equip you with the skills and techniques required to go straight into employment in the alterations and repairs trade. Equally, it will equip you with the skills required to start your own alterations business.

Always collect referrals from happy customers you do work for; they will attest to your skill and quality of work. When applying for employment you will have the opportunity to showcase your skills when they have you perform a sewing test. None of our Jackson Sewing Academy courses are college course leading to any ‘school’ credits or similar.

How much are your online sewing courses?2019-04-22T18:00:19+00:00

Our courses are competitively priced for those looking for professional level tuition. For more details, see our Pricing page.

How long does my subscription last?2019-04-21T20:05:28+00:00

At Jackson Sewing Academy, we don’t offer a yearly subscription or similar. Instead, for a one-off fee, you have unlimited online access to any of our paid courses, that means you can view the videos as many times as you like, download all the materials, review on any device is connected to the Internet. But we don’t provide, needless to say, is an Internet connection!

What equipment will I require?2019-04-22T18:01:12+00:00

For full details of the equipment you require to complete one of our courses, please see the individual course page. You will find a list of our courses here

Can you get me a job in clothing alterations, or as a seamstress?2019-05-27T17:27:48+00:00

Sorry, we are not an agency offering employment. However, taking one of our courses will give you the skills and methods required for a job in tailoring and alterations, so you can apply for these kinds of jobs with confidence. For a current list of alterations specialist jobs in Ontario, click here to see those advertised on the job site Indeed.

My question isn’t here!2019-04-22T18:02:15+00:00

Feel free to browse through all the pages on our website. You will probably find your answer is on one of them! If not, feel free to email us with your questions and will be happy to answer them.