Jackson Sewing Academy Online Alterations and Tailoring Courses

Whatever your current skill level, our detailed, professional online courses provide expert tuition in the skills and techniques required for an alterations and repairs career. Each course is devised and presented by April Jackson, a Master Alterations Specialist with over 30 years’ experience in the trade.

Master Alterations Specialist Course

A comprehensive course teaching you the skills to become a professional alterations and repairs specialist. Ideal for those wishing to start their own business, or to update and upgrade home sewing skills to a professional level.

Women’s Wear Alterations Course

Learn the skills and techniques to repair, alter, tailor, and custom-fit all types of readymade women’s wear, from casual to formal. Ideal for those wishing to work in fashion retailers, dress shops and bridal wear businesses, or to run their own ladies wear alterations service from home.

Men’s Wear Alterations Course

All the skills, tips and technique you need to custom-fit, alter and repair all types of readymade Men’s Wear, from casual jeans to formal jackets and suits. Perfect for those wishing to work for fashion retailers, formal wear hire, or for themselves as an in-demand home business.

Alterations Small Business Starter

Want to start a new business form home? Start with our easy-to-follow alterations small business starter course. All the skills you need to alter readymade garments for men, women and children, including insights into which equipment you should use.

Basic Alterations & Repairs

Learn how to perform the most common alterations and repairs with our Basic Alterations & Repairs course. Gain expert techniques ad tips taught by an industry professional.

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Not wanting to take on a full course? Why not try one of our modules below

All modules have unlimited access for a one off fee!

Techniques Module

$50 Unlimited Access

Repairs Module

$100 Unlimited Access

Zipper Replacements Module 1

$125 Unlimited Access

Zipper Replacements Module 2

$125 Unlimited Access

Pant Hems Module

$150 Unlimited Access

Sleeve Hems Module 1

$100 Unlimited Access

Sleeve Hems Module 2

$125 Unlimited Access

Skirt Hems Module 1

$100 Unlimited Access

Skirt Hems Module 2

$100 Unlimited Access

Taper Side Hems Module 1

$125 Unlimited Access

Taper Side Hems Module 2

$125 Unlimited Access

Waste Alterations Module

$150 Unlimited Access

Alter Shoulders Module

$150 Unlimited Access

Home Décor Module

$100 Unlimited Access

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