Jackson Sewing Academy

The Jackson Sewing Academy is a new initiative created by Alterations Specialist April Jackson. The Academy was founded to teach the skills that focus on clothing alterations and repairs.  The techniques taught will enhance the every-day sewer’s skills as well as equip the individual who wishes to earn a living in this trade.

Students were coming to April having taken other daytime or online sewing courses and finding that these courses just didn’t give them the level of detail or various skills required to actually make money. Many were based at hobby sewers or crafters, and contained none of the industry-level techniques required to make alterations to a professional standard, quickly and efficiently

So, April ran a popular series of courses in person in Ontario, which quickly sold out. April soon realized that demand for her classes far outstripped the hours she had in her week!

Her solution was to create a series of specialist alterations courses online, showing students like you the specific methods, techniques, and skills required to work in alterations as a trade, not as a hobby.

She also realized that many online courses limited students’ access to learning materials to a very short time slot of six to eight weeks and drip-fed the information. This clearly would not suit anyone wanting to study alterations as a future career, who may wish either to do a period of intense study or workaround existing full-time employment.

At JSA, we do things differently! All our Alteration Specialist courses are available for a single one-off fee.

For all our paid-for courses, you will enjoy:

  • Unlimited 24/7 access to all online videos from enrolment date
  • Access to read all our unique materials and manuals online or print off
  • Email access to an alterations specialist for the duration of enrolment

That’s unlimited online access to all the paid-for videos and course materials, for a single one-off fee. No monthly or yearly subscriptions, no extra access fees, no extra charges for printing course materials. It’s all included – so you can access it online, anytime, anywhere, on any device via your own internet connection service/s.