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Whether you are a sewer looking to learn how to master the dreaded zipper repair/replacement, someone wanting to save money by hemming pants for their family or an individual wanting to learn skills that will earn them an income, Jackson Sewing Academy has a lesson for you!

Why learning alterations techniques is beneficial to any sewist?

When I first learned to sew in my early 20’s, I was able to work a sewing machine and knew how to put a garment together from scratch by using a pattern.  But, this was not a fast or easy process! I struggled with garment fit, adding zippers, and overall construction seemed like a jigsaw puzzle with missing piecesOnce I learned the skills of altering and repairing ready-made clothing, all my other sewing tasks excelled!  Because I knew how to replace a pant zipper in under half an hour, I would use the same technique to insert a zipper when making pants.  Lined suit sleeves in a jacket were no longer a mystery to me and all my garments finally fit!

Clothing alteration and repairs are an investment!

As a society that is working to get away from throw-away and disposable clothing, having the sewing skills of clothing alteration and repair is beneficial.  Not only will you be able to extend the life of your well-loved garments by adjusting the waist when needed, repair your child’s winter coat, or fix that hole in your husband’s favorite shirt, you will save money in the process.

A course for all levels of sewers!

Beginner Sewers- Individual modules like the manual, Repairs, Techniques, Pant Hems, or course package like Basic Alterations and Repairs.

Intermediate Sewers- Choose individual modules like Zipper Replacements Module 1 and 2, Skirt Hems, Sleeve Hems, or starter packages with grouped lessons like Alterations Small Business Starter.

Advanced Sewer- Increase your sewing speed and quality through modules Zipper Replacements 1 and 2, focus on men’s or ladies’ wear with course packages, or cover every topic with the Master Alteration Specialist Package.

Interested? Take a look at our Jackson Sewing Academy’s complete course list.  Or enroll in our $14 for 14-day clothing alterations sample course .