Learn tailoring online

Tailoring, alterations, sewer, seamstress – all of them share a common set of skills that can form the basis of an alterations and repairs business.

Central to any alterations business is the art of tailoring, i.e. making or adapting something to suit a purpose. In this case, that’s adapting and altering readymade clothing to fit the wearer as if it were custom-made.

Bespoke tailor-made suits and custom-fitted suits

Few traditional tailor shops actually cut their own cloth to make bespoke suits these days. The majority buy in suits and skillfully alter them to custom-fit their clients. As a Master Alterations Specialist, you’ll be able to do the same, learning how to alter jackets, pants, waistcoats, shirts and more. You’ll also have the skills to repair tailored clothing to the same high quality as their initial construction.

Tailored clothing: an investment to last

Many tailored suits are well made and will last for years if well looked after without going out of shape. However, the wearer probably WILL change shape during the lifetime of a suit! So, having a suit altered to fit makes good economic sense, allowing a favorite suit to fit better without the need to go and invest hundreds of dollars in a new one.

Tailoring is not just for men!

The traditional image of a male tailor fitting a business suit for a male customer is hopelessly out of date. Just as the tailor is as likely to be female as male, so will their clients. At Jackson Sewing Academy we offer courses in the gender-specific areas of:

If you’re wanting to develop an inclusive service, our Master Alterations Specialist course covers both areas, and more.

Interested? Take a look at our Jackson Sewing Academy complete course list. Or enroll in our $14 for 14 day clothing alterations sample course – it’s free with no obligation.