The only online alterations course teaching you the professional techniques and skills required for a career in the readymade garment alterations trade.

  • Comprehensive, detailed, and packed with inside tips and time-saving methods.
  • Learn the skills and techniques of professional alterations and repairs.
  • Learn online, at your own pace, anytime.


  • Core Techniques: fundamentals of the trade, including identifying stitch types and preparing garments for alteration
  • Perfect Pant Hems: how to make a variety of hems quickly and easily
  • Readymade Garment Repairs: core skills in replacing buttons, and repairing seams
  • Easy Zipper Replacements: the skills for replacing zippers in any garment and any fabric
  • Smart Sleeve Hems: how to alter both lined and lined sleeves with ease, including shirts and blouses
  • Skillful Skirt Hems: expert tips on professional style skirts hems
  • Custom-fit Waist Alterations: how to skillfully alter waistlines on men’s and women’s pants for a custom fit
  • Tailored Taper Side Seams: how to taper side seams on tailored items such as jackets for a custom fit
  • Fabrics: different fabrics, how they are handled, and the difficulty levels when working with various fabrics (in printed manual)
  • Alterations Business:how to build a home alterations business from scratch (in printed manual)

The Jackson Sewing Academy Alterations Specialist course is presented by April Jackson, herself an Alterations Specialist with 30+ years’ experience in the profession. April shares with you the tips and tricks she has acquired that will allow you to complete each job quickly and professionally.

  • Step-by-step videos providing easy-to-follow instructions for every alteration or repair you will need to work as an Alterations Specialist.
  • Printable materials with easy-to-understand directions and images for each video.
  • Email access to an ‘alterations specialist’ for extra help
  • Unlimited online access to all course materials (1)

One Time Purchase
$1250 (Save $700!) – Click to Buy

Individual Modules:
Core Techniques – $50 – Click to Buy
Garment Repairs – $100 – Click to Buy
Basic & Advanced Pant Hems – $150 – Click to Buy
Zipper Replacements Module 1 – $125 – Click to Buy
Zipper Replacements Module 2 – $125 – Click to Buy
Sleeve Hems Module 1 – $100 – Click to Buy
Sleeve Hems Module 2 – $125 – Click to Buy
Skirt Hems Module 1 – $100 – Click to Buy
Skirt Hems Module 2 – $100 – Click to Buy
Taper Side Seams Module 1 – $125 – Click to Buy
Taper Side Seams Module 2 – $125 – Click to Buy
Waist Alterations – $150 – Click to Buy
Alter Shoulders – $100 –  Click to Buy
Home Décor – $25 –  Click to Buy

  • Over 21 hours of easy to follow instruction videos with April
  • View anytime online, 24/7  after purchase
  • Access to a sewing machine, preferably an industrial model
  • Standard sewing equipment including tailoring scissors, needles, chalk, etc.
  • Standard haberdashery supplies including thread, buttons, zips, etc., as required
  • A steam iron and ironing boarding
  • A clean space to work in
  • Access to the internet
  • A desire to learn!

The Master Alterations Specialist Course is in no way affiliated with the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals Master Alteration Specialist Certification Program.