The only online alterations course teaching you the professional techniques and skills required for a career in the readymade garment alterations trade.

  • Comprehensive, detailed, and packed with inside tips and time-saving methods.
  • Learn the skills and techniques of professional alterations and repairs.
  • Learn online, at your own pace, anytime.


  • Core Techniques: fundamentals of the trade, including identifying stitch types and preparing garments for alteration
  • Perfect Pant Hems: how to make a variety of hems quickly and easily
  • Readymade Garment Repairs: core skills in replacing buttons, and repairing seams
  • Easy Zipper Replacements: the skills for replacing zippers in any garment and any fabric
  • Smart Sleeve Hems: how to alter both lined and lined sleeves with ease, including shirts and blouses
  • Skillful Skirt Hems: expert tips on professional style skirts hems
  • Custom-fit Waist Alterations: how to skillfully alter waistlines on men’s and women’s pants for a custom fit
  • Tailored Taper Side Seams: how to taper side seams on tailored items such as jackets for a custom fit
  • Fabrics: different fabrics, how they are handled, and the difficulty levels when working with various fabrics (in printed manual)
  • Alterations Business:how to build a home alterations business from scratch (in printed manual)

The Jackson Sewing Academy Master Alterations Specialist course is presented by April Jackson, herself a Master Alterations Specialist with 30+ years’ experience in the profession. April shares with you the tips and tricks she has acquired that will allow you to complete each job quickly and professionally.

  • Step-by-step videos providing easy-to-follow instructions for every alteration or repair you will need to work as a Master Alterations Specialist.
  • Printable materials with easy-to-understand directions and images for each video.
  • Email access to an ‘alterations specialist’ for extra help
  • Unlimited online access to all course materials (1)

Enroll on the Master Alterations Specialist course and we’ll send you your Free gift, an exclusive Jackson Sewing Academy Custom Dual Surface Table-top Ironing Board worth $150.

One Time Purchase
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Individual Modules:
Core Techniques – $50 – Click to Buy
Garment Repairs – $100 – Click to Buy
Basic & Advanced Pant Hems – $150 – Click to Buy
Zipper Replacements Module 1 – $125 – Click to Buy
Zipper Replacements Module 2 – $125 – Click to Buy
Sleeve Hems Module 1 – $100 – Click to Buy
Sleeve Hems Module 2 – $125 – Click to Buy
Skirt Hems Module 1 – $100 – Click to Buy
Skirt Hems Module 2 – $100 – Click to Buy
Taper Side Seams Module 1 – $125 – Click to Buy
Taper Side Seams Module 2 – $125 – Click to Buy
Waist Alterations – $150 – Click to Buy
Alter Shoulders – $100 –  Click to Buy
Home Décor – $25 –  Click to Buy

  • Over 21 hours of easy to follow instruction videos with April
  • View anytime online, 24/7  after purchase
  • Access to a sewing machine, preferably an industrial model
  • Standard sewing equipment including tailoring scissors, needles, chalk, etc.
  • Standard haberdashery supplies including thread, buttons, zips, etc., as required
  • A steam iron and ironing boarding
  • A clean space to work in
  • Access to the internet
  • A desire to learn!