Our Men’s Wear Alterations Specialist Course shows you the professional skills and industry-level techniques required to make alterations and repairs to all types of men’s clothing, from shirts to suits.

  • Step by step videos on each topic
  • Time-saving techniques from a professional alterations specialist
  • Ideal training for jobs in professional alterations and repairs.
  • Learn online, anywhere, at times to suit you


Techniques – Buy Individual Module ($50)

  • Thread a Hand Sew Needle
  • Hand Sew Button, Snap, Hook and Eye
  • Sharpening and Marking with Wax Chalk
  • Identify and Remove Blind Hem Stitch
  • Razor Open Hems
  • Remove Socket Snaps
  • Socket Snap Application
  • Fast Change Thread Industrial Straight Stitch
  • Fast Change Thread Serger or Coverstitch

Pant Hems – Buy Individual Module ($150)

  • Pinning- Wide Bottom Pant
  • Basic Pant Hem 1/2″ Jean/Topstitch
  • Basic Pant Hem 1″ Topstitch
  • Dress Pant Hem
  • Ladies Dress Pant Hem/Lined Pants
  • Pant with Cuff
  • Euro Jean Hem
  • Mock Euro Hem
  • Coverstitch-Yoga Hem
  • Shorten Pant Leg by Creating a Seam

Sleeve Hems Buy Individual Module ($100)
Module 1

  • Unlined Sleeve with Cuff
  • Lined Sleeve with Cuff
  • Men’s Shirt Sleeves-Cuff and Placket
  • Ladies Blouse Sleeve- Cuff and Placket

Sleeve Hems Buy Individual Module ($125)
Module 2

  • Lined Sleeves Shorten Less than 3″
  • Lined Sleeves Shorten More than 3″
  • Lined Sleeves with Buttons and Details

Zipper Replacements Buy Individual Module ($125)
Module 1

  • Measuring Length and Shortening Zipper
  • Basic Zipper Applications
  • Replace Zipper Pull
  • Jean Zipper
  • Basic Pant Zipper
  • Men’s Dress Pant Zipper #1
  • Men’s Dress Pant Zipper #2

Taper Side Seams Buy Individual Module ($125)
Module 1 

  • Pinning- Shirt with darts
  • Pinning- Taper Pant Leg
  • Taper Legs- Casual Pant
  • Taper Legs- Dress Pants
  • Taper Shirt with Darts
  • Taper Sides- T-shirt

Taper Side Seams Buy Individual Module ($125)
Module 2

  • Lined Jacket
  • Taper Sided- Lined Dress
  • Taper Sided- Unlined Garment
  • Combination Alteration- Lined Jacket

Waist Alterations Buy Individual Module ($150)

  • Men’s Dress Pant- Waist in Less than 3″
  • Pant Rise Adjustment
  • Waist Out- Men’s Dress Pant
  • Waist In- Elastic Band
  • Waist In- Cutting Waistband
  • Waist In- Jeans or Dockers
  • Waist In- Reposition Waistband

The Jackson Sewing Academy Men’s Wear Alterations Specialist Course is presented by April Jackson. April is a Master Alterations Specialist with 30+ years’ experience in the trade, as an apprentice, employee and successful alterations business owner. In this course, April will share with you the professional hints, tips and tricks to complete your men’s clothing alterations to a professional standard.

  • Step-by-step videos providing easy-to-follow instructions for every alteration or repair you will need to work as a Men’s Wear Alterations Specialist.
  • Exclusive manuals and guide with easy-to-understand directions and images for each video.
  • Email access to an ‘alterations specialist’ if you need extra help
  • Unlimited online access to all course materials (1)
  • 54 easy to follow instruction videos with April
  • View anytime online, 24/7 for an unlimited time after purchase

One Time Purchase
$750 (Save $350!) – Click to Buy

Individual Modules:
Core Techniques – $50 – Click to Buy
Basic & Advanced Pant Hems – $150 – Click to Buy
Sleeve Hems Module 1 – $100 – Click to Buy
Sleeve Hems Module 2 – $100 – Click to Buy
Taper Side Seams Module 1 – $125 – Click to Buy
Taper Side Seams Module 2 – $125 – Click to Buy
Waist Alterations – $150 – Click to Buy

  • Access to a sewing machine, preferably an industrial model
  • Standard sewing equipment including tailoring scissors, needles, chalk, etc.
  • Standard haberdashery supplies including thread, buttons, zips, etc., as required
  • A steam iron and ironing boarding
  • A clean space to work in
  • Access to the internet
  • A desire to learn!