COVID-19 has changed the way that the world works, and many experts agree that any opportunity to return to “normal” has come and gone. While we all look ahead and work toward a “new normal”, certain careers and trades that had been disregarded as past their time of usefulness, or lacking ambition, are suddenly at the front lines of the pandemic; their industry members are leading us through some of the most uncertain times in our lives. While tech start-ups, the energy sector, and sports have taken the back seat for the first time in decades, the spotlight is suddenly being shone on grocery store employees, nurses and people who sew

Tailors, Seamstresses, Quilters, and Hobby Sewers everywhere have answered the call to help sew scrub caps and ear protectors for health care workers, and protective face masks for the public, as a first line of defense against the virus. Sewing machines that have been sitting idle for years, brushed off as a tool from another time, are being asked once again to start their needles. 

Not only are those who sew pledging their skills to help protect the public with masks, but, as time goes on and businesses remain closed, clothing repairs are starting to make a comeback. With clothing retailers being deemed “unessential”, clothing is no longer as expendable as it once seemed. This is great news for alterations specialists, and the planet – North Americans send over 10 million tonnes of clothing to landfill every year! As we look towards the future, seasons continue to change (as well as body shapes!) and clothing comes out of storage – this is a great time to keep the alterations trade in the spotlight

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