Student Reviews of Jackson Sewing Academy courses

Here’s just a small selection of reviews of our courses by former students now working in alterations and repairs or running their own alterations business

I bought what I thought was a beautiful pair of second-hand jeans, but they were useless because the zipper wouldn’t stay up! Several sewing experts looked and said the zipper couldn’t be fixed and that replacing it would be a lot of work. No such response from April! While confirming that the zipper couldn’t be repaired, she immediately offered to replace it. She had the correct replacement zipper to hand, and within 15 minutes she was done! The finished product looks better than new. I couldn’t be more impressed and happy with the service. Highly recommended!

~Heenal Rajani ~

My opportunity to work with and learn from April, came at a perfect time in my life.  

She’s a great instructor! April is extremely good at what she does.  I worked with her for about 16 months, so I saw what she did every day, and was always amazed by how fast and clean/beautiful everything would turn out.  She’s a very easy-going and fun person.  If there was ever a mistake made, she would calmly walk me through it and always knew how to fix it.  She teaches in a way that makes you feel very comfortable and confident! Almost every single day, she would tell me how good I was at what I was doing, and that helped a lot. 

There were so many skills developed under April, including:

•Take in/let out bridesmaids dresses  

 Shorten straps on dresses  

 Marked dresses with a skirt marker

 Take in/let out suit jackets

•Hem/let down sleeves and trousers 

•Easily add buttons back to suit sleeve after a repair without thread showing on the lining 

•Take in/let out legs or back of trousers 

•Blind hem machine 

•Take in legs or back of jeans

•Euro jean hem

•Add fly zippers 

•Put zippers in jackets/winter coats 

•Add eyelet rings to curtains 

•Hem curtains 

•Remake cushions for couches/outdoor furniture (and some other upholstery)

•Sew with leather 

•Hand sew beads back to dresses after taking in.

and many other things, Im sure!

I would highly recommend April‘s instruction to anyone.

~Hannah Blanshard~