Learn how to perform core techniques for altering and repairing clothes. Gain expert techniques and tips taught by an industry professional.

  • Easy to follow step-by-step videos
  • Inside tips and time-saving techniques from your professional tutor
  • Aimed at those looking for jobs in professional alterations and repairs
  • Learn online, anywhere, at your own pace.


  • Thread a Hand Sew Needle
  • Hand Sew Button, Snap, Hook and Eye
  • Sharpening and Marking with Wax Chalk
  • Identify and Remove Interlocking Straight Stitch
  • Identify and Remove Blind Hem Stitch
  • Razor Open Hems
  • Razor Open Seams
  • Remove Socket Snaps
  • Socket Snap Application
  • Fast Wind Bobbin
  • Fast Change Thread Industrial Straight Stitch
  • Fast Change Thread Serger or Coverstitch

The Jackson Sewing Academy Master Alterations Specialist course is presented by April Jackson, herself a Master Alterations Specialist with 30+ years’ experience in the profession. April shares with you the tips and tricks she has acquired that will allow you to complete each job quickly and professionally.

  • Step-by-step videos providing easy-to-follow instructions for techniques.
  • Exclusive manuals and guide with easy-to-understand directions and images for each video
  • Email access to an ‘alterations specialist’ for extra help
  • Unlimited online access to all course materials (1)
  • Over 12 videos of easy to follow instruction videos with April
  • View anytime online, 24/7, for as long as you need!

One time purchase
$50+HST for unlimited online access


  • Access to a sewing machine, preferably an industrial model
  • Standard sewing equipment including tailoring scissors, needles, chalk, etc.
  • Standard haberdashery supplies including thread, buttons, zips, etc., as required
  • A steam iron and ironing boarding
  • A clean space to work in
  • Access to the internet
  • A desire to learn!