Why become an Alterations Specialist with us

Readymade clothes are designed to fit everyone – and therefore rarely fit anyone properly! That’s why clothing alteration is an essential part of getting that perfect fit, whether you’re working in fashion or just for friends and family.

Alterations specialists use a range of tailoring skills to customize the fit of any readymade clothes. They can repair and restore garments too, anything from sewing on a simple button to replacing a zipper in a winter coat.

Why alterations specialists are in demand

Alterations and custom fitting are skill sets that are very much in demand but in extremely short supply.

  • The older generation who grew up with these skills is approaching retirement.
  • The younger generations had few opportunities to learn them.

The result is a major shortage of skilled alterations and tailoring specialists, seamstresses, tailors, and even machinists.

This coincides with a HUGE rise in demand for alterations and repairs for three main reasons:

1. Clothes bought online.

We’ve all done it, fallen in love with a fabulous garment online, bought it, and when it finally arrives, it just doesn’t fit. We could return it, but it’s not always easy or cheap, and then we still must find another outfit! Far easier to have an alterations specialist customize the fit for you, to flatter and fit your unique shape.

2. Replacement costs.

Quality clothing is an investment, and good clothes last for years. However, over time our bodies change shape and what fitted us a few years ago may not fit well now. Alterations are so much more cost-effective than replacing the item, if we could still buy it somewhere.

3. The environmental impact of clothing waste.

The average Canadian throws away 37kg of textiles every year. In North America, we send 9.5 million tonnes of clothing to landfills every year, 95% of which could be reused or recycled. As a nation, we need to reduce that and protect our natural environment.

Excellent job and career opportunities just waiting for you

There are so many job opportunities for alteration and repair specialists. At Jackson Sewing Academy, we teach you the skills required so you can choose how, when, and where you work within the fashion and clothing industry, such as:

  • Retail clothing stores offering in house alterations
  • Businesses specializing in alterations and repairs such as tailor shops or dry cleaners
  • Boutique dress, bridal, and formal wear shops
  • Textile manufacturers
  • Costumiers and fancy-dress hire

The list is endless!

Your new home business

Alterations and repairs are an ideal home-based business for anyone who wants to work for themselves, on their own terms. With Jackson Sewing Academy, you can learn at your own pace, too:

  • Start your own alterations business from your home workshop or hobby room
  • Create your own local, part-time “stay at home Mom / Dad” business that fits around childcare and school runs
  • Build a lucrative ‘side hustle’ business alongside a full-time job
  • Earn while you learn, doing alterations for your family and friends

Why learn with Jackson Sewing Academy

A quick browse on Google will show you plenty of online sewing courses, local classes, and any number of “how to sew” type books – all aimed at sewing as a hobby or homemaker craft.

That’s not what Jackson Sewing Academy offers. Our courses teach you clothing alterations and repairs as a trade. The skills you learn with us will supply you with a constant income and your service WILL be in demand.

Depending on where you live, you can demand a wage of $18-25 per hour, and your wage level is even higher when self-employed.  For example, our tutor April currently charges $10 per pant hem and can easily complete 5-6 hems per hour. You do the math.

No risk 14-day trial

If you’re not sure if alterations, tailoring, and repairs are right for you, simply sign up for our $14 for 14-Day Trial Alterations Sampler course. You’ll enjoy:

  • 24/7 access to a hand-picked selection of videos on our courses
  • Access to the course manual

Still not sure?

Check out our testimonials from former students, or learn firsthand from industry professionals and business owners why they are always on the lookout for alteration specialists to join their businesses.

Or email Jackson Sewing Academy with your specific question.