Why learn tailoring and alterations with Jackson Sewing Academy

Jackson Sewing Academy offers tailoring and alterations courses online with demonstration videos teaching the skills you want to learn.

So why should you choose Jackson Sewing Academy to learn the skills you need to start a professional career in alterations and tailoring?

Industry-level skills taught by a professional

The keyword here is professional. With Jackson Sewing Academy:

  • Your tutor April Jackson is an experienced, professional  Alterations Specialist with 30+ years’ experience in their trade.
  • You learn the skills, techniques, and speed required in the fashion industry, not methods at the level of hobby sewing.
  • You learn these techniques as demonstrated by April using industrial sewing machines and equipment, so you can be confident when using them in the workplace.
  • Our is the first complete course of its kind.

Easy access online, anytime

Learning online is so flexible – but only if you can learn at your own pace and in the time you have available. Many online courses are time-limited, and only give you a certain amount of learning per week.

At Jackson Sewing Academy, we give you 24/7 access to your course materials from the start, including:

  • Step-by-step videos providing easy-to-follow instructions for every alteration or repair you will need to work in the sewing industry.
  • Clear instruction materials with easy-to-understand directions and images.

You can view the videos anytime on any PC, or mobile device with an internet connection. You can download and print the materials if you wish, to refer to offline and make notes. It’s entirely up to you.

Interested? Why not take our $14 for 14 days trial alterations course, featuring a hand-picked selection of videos as used in our Master Alterations Specialist course.

No strict learning timescale

Many online courses restrict you to a time frame of six to eight weeks, which is ridiculous. Not everyone can take six weeks out of their lives to view videos, try out the techniques, and do little else.

At Jackson Sewing Academy, we know you’re busy. You may be learning these new skills whilst still in full-time work, or when looking after small children. So, once you’ve enrolled, you can view the course videos for an unlimited time.

That means that even after you’ve started working in the alterations and tailoring business, you can revisit the videos to refresh your skills, and remind yourself of that top tip for zippers you were shown!

Transparent pricing

With JSA, you pay a single one-off fee for unlimited access. There are no monthly or annual subscription fees. No update charges. No additional costs to download or print materials. Just one fee per course for unlimited access.

Why learn online and not at college

Learning online isn’t just about flexibility and convenience. It can also save you money that you can invest into your new career. What’s more, this type of Master Alterations Specialist course is not even offered yet at a college.

It would take considerable time and money to take a college course that won’t teach you everything our course does, whether full time or part-time. Now add the cost of travel, accommodation and the need to take time off work. Compare that with the ease and convenience of viewing detailed, professional videos at home.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent looking to return to work, or even seeking a new business opportunity to take you through into retirement, learning online gives you the time and space to do so when it suits you.

Jackson Sewing Academy online courses in alterations and tailoring

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